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Monday, July 17, 2017

Passing It On

What do you do when your daughter needs help with Math, but does not qualify for summer school because she has not failed Math?  If you are a mother at the Passaic Neighborhood Center for Women, you ask for help here and your daughter gets individual tutoring from a seasoned Math/Physics teacher!

Sister Gerardine Tantsits, SCC, former volunteer and current Administrative Assistant at the Center, always responds enthusiastically to such requests, as she has spent most of her life teaching Math and Science (especially Physics).  Here is Sister Gerardine helping this soon-to-be-sixth-grader (as she does twice a week) with fractions and decimals:

What makes this more exciting for us is that this youngster is also getting help from another volunteer, Andrea.  Here is Andrea showing the younger girl how to access additional Math assistance online.  Why is this exciting for us?  Because Sister Gerardine previously tutored Andrea -- now a student at a local community college --  in English and Math!

We are so happy to be able to fulfill our mission by providing this space for women to express their needs and connecting them with resources to fulfill their needs.  We are happier when one of our women who has been helped here can "pass it on" by using what she has learned to help others.  

Because of our supporters, donors and staff, we can continue to respond to the needs of the families of Passaic.  Thank you!