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Monday, July 30, 2018

A Tale of Two Photos

We are always so happy to share with you the progress that our women continue to make here at the Center.  Sometimes, photos tell the story in the best way.

In this photo from November 2013, Sister Catherine Drury, SC teaches one of our earliest computer classes.  She is using the second-hand computers that we had at the Center at the time, which were donated by our generous benefactors.  The computers served us well until we had to upgrade when we began to offer the Rosetta Stone program in 2015 and purchased our "second generation," refurbished computers.

"Fast forward" to July 2018:  The photo below also depicts teaching and learning on the computer, but in this case, it is one of our women who is experienced in using Rosetta Stone teaching another woman who is new to Rosetta Stone.  Additionally, our brand new "third generation" computers are being used.  Thanks to a grant from the "We Care, We Share" program from the Church of Christ the King in New Vernon, NJ and the donations we received from last year's "Giving Tuesday," our women use new computers and headsets for their supplemental English learning.

What a difference five years makes!  We are so very grateful to our generous benefactors for their support during these five years.  We are also proud of our women who are becoming empowered to be leaders and teachers, not only here at the Center, but in the community and in their families!