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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

First Quilting Class

We are grateful to Sister Pat Reynolds, SC for teaching our quilting class, which began yesterday, October 22.  Click here to view some photos from the class.  Because Sister Pat was kind enough to share sewing machines and materials with us, our women were able to have a quilting class.  In the future, we will be asking for contributions toward purchasing our own sewing machines and materials.  We are purchasing the machines because it is important that every woman is working from the same machine and that we know the machines are in excellent condition.  (Kind of like teaching a class using the same textbook for each student...)  Thank you for any contributions you can make toward this goal.

When you view the photos, you might notice that there are lists of words on the wall.  These are the words used by the women in the English classes.  As you can see from the multiple lists, the women have learned an abundance of English in just a few weeks!

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