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Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas from Passaic!

We are grateful for so much this Christmas!  Some anonymous donors shared a Christmas Jar with us.  Are you familiar with Christmas Jars?  They present an opportunity for folks to share their blessings.  Here's what ours (which contained about $75 in donations) said: "Please accept this Christmas Jar in the spirit that it is given, with an open heart and an opportunity to share our blessings with you.  Everyone needs money, everyone needs love and everyone needs hope.  It is truly amazing all that can fit into one Christmas Jar:  One Jar, One Birth, One Savior."  (Go to for more information about this wonderful project.)  Thank you, donors, for our Christmas Jar.

We had the opportunity to celebrate with some of our women during the week before Christmas (and we'll continue the celebration as we note the arrival of the Three Kings in January.)  We'd like to share a slideshow of "The Week Before Christmas" with you.  Click here to view it.  Please note that all of the decorations and gifts you see in the photos come from generous donations.  We are grateful to the donors.  Additionally, we are grateful to all of you for your support during our first three months.  You are in our prayers.  We are taking a few days off for the holiday and will re-open on Thursday, January 2.  We look forward to sharing 2014 with you. 

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