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Monday, May 4, 2015

What's In A Number?

Indeed, what's in a number . . . and when was the last time you saw a post on this blog with that title?  To refresh your memory:  On August 6, 2014, we reported to you that the Passaic Neighborhood Center for Women had seen its 1,000th visit.  Today, we are happy to tell you that during the week of April 20, 2015, the Center saw its 2,000th visit! 

The Center exists to provide a safe, peaceful, welcoming place where women can become empowered by sharing their needs and being connected to the relationships and resources to fulfill their needs.  This is the mission we keep in our sight every single minute of every single day. 

While our mission is not about numbers, statistics or accounting, it is very nice to be able to tell you that we have seen 2,067 visits since opening day, September 24, 2013.  To put this in perspective, we have seen more visits (1,036) during the 8 months of our second year than we did during our first twelve months (1,031). 

Our team of women, staff and volunteers made this possible!  Our diocese, religious communities, parishes and other benefactors made this possible!  We are grateful to be able to continue to do God's work in the City of Passaic.  We are happy to share this news with you.  Thank you and God bless you!

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